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Fairfield Hospital at Polding Street in Prairiewood, NSW

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Polding Street,
Prairiewood, NSW
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Phone: +61 2 9616 8111


Types: Hospital


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    Would not recommend.. Grandma was submitted after falling and hitting her head. Doctors and nurses were rough with her and did not explain whatsoever how she was or what they were even doing. Care factor was 0. Also at night when all the patients were trying to sleep, the nurses would not shut up. They were literally gossiping so loud about their previous patients I had to personally ask them to be quite twice. Grandma is so distressed. She's been in the hospital FOR 5 DAYS. When she was suppose to be home after 2 only because NO DOCTORS WERE AVAILABLE TO SEE HER. Fairfield hospital is absolute garbage, you're better off at Liverpool.
    Annie Huynh
    March 16, 2017
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